Philadelphia’s Neighborhoods: Five key takeaways

Philadelphia needs thriving neighborhoods. It needs residents who can save and build wealth and buy a home they can pass READ MORE

Housing Success Stories: West Philadelphia resident purchases first home

Clarifi client Safyia wanted to start building equity through homeownership. She breaks down her strategy below: GOAL: To stop paying READ MORE

Empowerment Stories: Philadelphian takes charge of her finances after foreclosure scare

After Clarifi counseling sessions, Philadelphian Monique Ketter went from losing her car to increasing her credit score by 200 points READ MORE

Housing Success Stories: Philadelphian buys childhood home of 50+ years

A Philly native promised his mother that he wouldn’t lose the family home after she became seriously ill. Dwayne Fair READ MORE

Re-entry Stories: After Clarifi counseling, Philadelphian is ready to buy a home

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RRR stories: Philadelphian uses low-interest repair loan for new kitchen

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RRR stories: Philadelphian buys and renovates grandfather’s home (VIDEO)

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Clarifi is building a trauma-informed culture

Trauma affects all of us. As an organization that offers one-to-one counseling to low- to moderate-income people, many of whom READ MORE

How to apply to Philadelphia’s reopened housing voucher waiting list

After a 12-year closure, Philadelphia’s housing voucher program waiting list is now open and accepting applications through Feb. 5. Learn how to apply here.

10/8/22: Criminal Record Expungement Clinic