How Clarifi is fixing Philadelphia’s home repair gaps

Preserving Philadelphia’s existing housing stock keeps the city affordable and ensures residents maintain their most important asset, but homeowners have READ MORE

Philadelphia’s Neighborhoods: Five key takeaways

Philadelphia needs thriving neighborhoods. It needs residents who can save and build wealth and buy a home they can pass READ MORE

RRR stories: Philadelphian uses low-interest repair loan for new kitchen

A Philadelphia nursing assistant renovates her home of 14 years using a 3% fixed interest repair loan. Janeen Bey wanted READ MORE

RRR stories: Philadelphian buys and renovates grandfather’s home (VIDEO)

One year ago, Clarifi helped relaunch Restore Repair Renew to make the City of Philadephia home repair program more accessible READ MORE

Clarifi, City Officials, and Partners Announce Relaunch of Home Repair Loan Program

Providing Low Interest Home Repair Loans for Working Philadelphians On July 12th, Philadelphia city officials announced the relaunch of the READ MORE

Do Home Repairs Have the Potential to Reduce Crime in Cities Like Philadelphia?

In late August, 2021, an article written by Susan Pinker titled “Fighting Crime with Home Renovations” was featured in the READ MORE

William Goldsby: Restoring His Home, Renewing Our City

Learn how Clarifi helped William Goldsby repair his home, sweet home.

Restore, Repair, Renew: Remediating the Effects of Systemic Racism on Healthy Housing

Since launching the Restore, Repair, Renew (RRR) program, a particular kind of story has become common in our office. “I’ve been trying to [fix] my home since I bought it in 1996,” said Suzanna Thornton, an administrator at Temple University.

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