At Clarifi, we believe that everyone—regardless of income or zip code—deserves judgment-free financial guidance tailored to their unique situation and needs.

Because social justice cannot be achieved without financial justice.

Clarifi is the largest provider of financial and housing empowerment services for low and moderate-income residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. By meeting individuals where they are, Clarifi’s counselors help them develop the knowledge and resilience they need to build healthier, more secure financial lives, which in turn creates stronger families, households, and neighborhoods.

All our services are free.  Your donation can help us cover the costs that we don’t charge our clients:

the cost of pulling a credit report for each one of our 6,500+ clients.

the cost of the first, free intake session.

the cost of an hour of free counselling with an expert Clarifi staff member.

the cost of two foreclosure or eviction prevention counselling sessions.

Your support of any amount helps households get healthier, neighborhoods grow stronger and future generations have more secure lives.