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By investing in your home, we can preserve affordable housing that we could never afford to build today. Home repairs, inspections and other forms of maintenance can help grow housing value and family wealth.

  • The majority of homes in Delco are older: Delaware County’s housing stock is generally older than surrounding counties: About 60% of units were built before 1960, and nearly 22% prior to 1940.
  • Home repairs in our region are needed: In total, it would cost at least $3.7 billion to complete needed repairs across the Greater Philadelphia region. More than 38 percent of owner-occupied homes in the area are in need of repairs that cost $4,300 on average.
  • It’s worth investing in your home: “Homeownership is the largest source of wealth among families, with the median value of a primary residence worth about ten times the median value of financial assets held by families.” -National Association of Realtors

Fill out the interest form below to get started. You can also call 215-458-6103 to schedule an appointment. 


What should I expect from Delco Home Stabilization?

All Delco clients will first work with a Clarifi counselor to identify barriers to homeownership stability, such as mortgage delinquency, financial hardship, inadequate insurance, encumbered titles, and tax issues.

If the client is struggling with any of with those barriers, they will undergo counseling. Clients who only need a home repair will begin the home repair process of the program.

Home repair grants are also available on a limited basis to eligible clients.

How do I know how many contractors I need, and what type?

Clarifi can direct you on selecting a reputable contractor and reviewing estimates. One of our team members can walk you through your options, including what type of contractor would be best for your repairs, what to look for and ask when selecting a contractor, and best practices. Contractors should be licensed and insured.

What are the program’s Minimum Home Quality Standards?

Minimum Home Quality Standards means your home is:

  • DRY: your roof and walls are free of holes that let in rain or moisture; your plumbing is free of leaks
  • WARM: your windows can open and close securely, your furnace and water heater work
  • SAFE: your doors lock, floors and stairs are not trip hazards, there are no structural or electrical issues that are dangerous, your home is free of pest infestations and each floor has a smoke detector

What happens during the free home assessment?

Clarifi will send out a home repair advocate to go through your home and look for and document minimum housing standards set for the program. The assessor will also list and note repairs or changes that you want. You will receive a copy of this report and the home repair advocate will walk you through it to ensure you understand your home needs.

I own my home, but the deed is not in my name.

To be eligible for the Delco Home Stabilization program, you must verify your name is on the deed. If you face barriers to proving ownership, a Clarifi counselor will work with you to determine next steps in clearing up title issues.

Do I need homeowners insurance for the program?

In short: Yes. Any loan you apply for that is secured by your home–including home repair loans–will be denied by a lender without homeowners insurance. However, if you don’t currently have homeowners insurance, a Clarifi counselor can discuss ways for you to obtain coverage.

Four Program Components, Designed to Serve You:

  1. Eligibility and Intake +

    Find out if you’re eligible for the Delco Home Stabilization program.

    This program serves Delaware County homeowners whose primary residence is in Delco and who face one or more barriers to housing stability.

    Interested Delco homeowners will contact Clarifi via the interest form below or by calling 215-458-6103. A Clarifi staff member will then conduct a basic screening to determine eligibility.

    If you do not meet the criteria for this program but still have housing and/or financial needs, please call 215-563-5665 to learn about Clarifi’s other services.

  2. Initial Housing Stability Session +

    This helps us determine your housing and financial needs so we can serve you best.

    You and your counselor will identify the primary obstacle(s) to homeownership stability. If you are facing housing or financial difficulties, such as delinquency, tax issues or tangled titles, you will complete a comprehensive counseling session before moving on to the home repair portion of the program (if seeking a home repair loan).

    Clients who are ready for their home repair will move on to the next step: completing a home equity appointment.

  3. Home Repair Process +

    We provide a home equity session and free home assessment.

    The home equity appointment will determine lendability based on the client’s finances. A Clarifi team member will also guide homeowners in prepping for loan applications, choosing the right loan and understanding contractor best practices. They will also be referred to Clarifi’s home repair advocate to schedule a free home assessment.

    After the on-site home assessment, our home repair advocate will provide the client with a report outlining repair recommendations and rough estimates.

    Home repair participation is not required for this program. Our staff will work with you to ensure you achieve housing stability, no matter what barriers you face.


  4. Case Management +

    This is your journey, but we’re here to help along the way.

    Delco Home Stabilization clients will shop and apply for the home repair loan, evaluate the loan offer(s), and find reputable contractors on their own–but they can contact a Clarifi team member at any time with questions. A follow-up assessment can also be scheduled, as needed.

    Once the home repairs and housing stabilization sessions are completed, you can leave the program knowing you have preserved your home, increased your home value and improved your housing stability.



Meet Our Counselors

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Anthony Miller

Home Repair Advocate II

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Christine Medina

Program Manager

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Milissa Kernahan

Home Repair Advocate II

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Nicole Evans

Credit/Housing Counselor