How We Invest in Our Communities

Financial Empowerment

Our judgment-free, relationship-based approach to counseling helps clients achieve their self-set goals through a personalized action plan and unlimited sessions at no cost to them.


We help clients find and stay in a safe, secure, and sustainable home through our trauma-informed counseling, advocacy, and case management, as well as a wealth preservation program that makes home repair more accessible and affordable.


We combine our certified counseling with cash grants to help families unlock economic mobility – not only for themselves, but for the next generation.

In 2023, Clarifi:

  • Served 3,149 households in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley
  • Provided 4,898 certified, one-to-one counseling sessions
  • Disbursed $415,000 in grants to returning citizens
  • Helped 1,000 people establish healthy savings
  • Helped 231 homeowners identify repairs needed to maintain their investment

Our 2023 Annual Report

2023 was all about breaking barriers to wealth, to housing and to justice. Check out our year of financial empowerment here:


Our Commitment to Economic Justice

In Philadelphia, one in four Black people and 29% of children live in poverty. We are grappling with nearly 13,000 eviction filings in 2023, along with a $57 billion gap in appreciation values between properties in majority-white neighborhoods and non-white neighborhoods. Nationally, there is a $3 trillion racial wealth gap between Black and White Americans, nearly half of which is related to housing disparities. 

At Clarifi, we are driven by the belief that social justice cannot be achieved without financial justice—and the opportunity for all people to build assets and wealth beyond just income. We layer resources, services and technical assistance that bolster financial stability and access to affordable housing.

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