1. Make an Appointment

    The first step is usually the hardest, but in this case it’s easy. No matter what your challenge, or even if you’re not sure what your challenge is, make an appointment and we’ll talk through it.

  2. Intake

    All of our counseling is grounded in empathy. We want to understand what’s going on in your financial life. We’ll ask you questions about your goals, your challenges, and your current situation.

  3. Creating an action plan

    Once we know what you’re working towards, our certified financial counselors will help you create an Action Plan: a written, step by step guide to reaching your financial goals.

  4. Checking In

    An Action Plan is your roadmap, but it still helps to have a friend along the way. Our counselors care about your goals, so we check in regularly to make sure you’re on track and to help you with whatever else you may need.

  5. Repeat as Needed

    Reaching our financial goals is usually not easy. We’re here to help you no matter how much help you need – which is why there are no caps on the number of sessions you have with one of our counselors.

One of our core values is community, and that’s because we recognize that we are just one part of a much bigger picture. As much as we can do alone, our impact gets magnified when we work in partnership with other nonprofits, community organizations, and businesses. Clarifi partnerships can take many forms including tailoring our innovative counseling and education programs to the needs of your constituents or co-locating our financial counselors within a partners location. We are excited by new ways to partner and look forward to discussing opportunities with you.

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Financial Empowerment

A relationship-based approach to counseling, coaching, and asset-building activities that helps clients achieve their self-set goals.

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Housing Success

Targeted interventions and case-management style counseling that helps clients find and stay in a safe, secure, and sustainable home.

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