Housing counseling always starts with us listening to you. Our counselors will work to understand your unique situation, challenges, and goals. From there, your counselor will work with you to create a step-by-step action plan and connect with relevant resources and assistance programs. Here’s some of what can do:

  • Homeownership Goal Planning
  • Home Purchase guidance
  • Renter/Tenant guidance
  • Homebuyer grant applications
  • Mortgage delinquency negotiation
  • Foreclosure conciliation
  • Eviction mediation
  • Emergency mortgage and rental assistance applications

Counseling doesn’t stop after your first appointment, either. Your Clarifi counselor will reach out to you periodically to see how you’re doing and how else we can help. And if you feel like you need more help, you can book as many sessions with your counselor as you need, dependent on their availability.

Call 215-563-5665 to schedule an appointment.


How are your counselors trained and certified?

Our counselors receive both in-house and external trainings that cover a wide range of topics. Counselors then take several tests to earn their certification. Your Clarifi counselor may have certifications from one or more of the following: National Foundation for Credit Counseling, NeighborWorks, Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

What will I need for my first appointment?

Mostly just yourself! It is helpful to have documentation of your income like a paystub or social security statement, any bills you’re struggling with, and a basic understanding of your expenses. Prior to an appointment you will receive a packet of information including any specific materials we’d like you to bring.

How much does Clarifi’s Financial Counseling cost me?

Usually, just your time! The vast majority of our counseling appointments are paid for by our donors, meaning counseling is free to you. Some specific counseling services, such as housing counseling, come with a small fee, though many clients qualify for a waiver. Here’s what we charge for:

Housing Pre-Purchase in Delaware and New Jersey: $125
Credit Review: $65

I need additional first-time homebuyer education hours to qualify for a home loan product. Can you help?

Our typical pre-purchase counseling session is two hours, but some special loan products may require additional educational hours. We’ve partnered with Framework Homeownership to offer their online homeownership course to Clarifi clients in need of additional hours. The course is offered in both English and Spanish for a low cost of $75, and can be accessed here.

Can Clarifi help me find an affordable home to rent or purchase?

While a Clarifi counselor may offer helpful tips or resources on how to find an affordable rental or home to purchase, Clarifi’s counselors cannot assist directly in finding a home.

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Brittany Clark

Counseling Lead

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C. Evans

Team Lead

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Donna Tagliaferro

Senior Credit/Housing Counselor

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Doris Rodriguez-Berdecia

Bilingual Credit/Housing Counselor

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Lorrie Graham

Senior Credit/Housing Counselor

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Moses Diaz

Bilingual Credit/Housing Counselor

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Nicole Evans

Credit/Housing Counselor

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Rosemary Ashton

Senior Credit/Housing Counselor

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Shannon Robinson

Housing Team Lead


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