Let’s Start by Defining Your Goals

Each Clarifi Boot Camp starts with a few workshops that help you set your sights on some personal financial goals. Other people from all walks of life will be with you to share stories and encouragement. You’ll meet with a Clarifi counselor to review your credit, build a budget and set an Action Plan. Then, you’ll be paired with a volunteer financial coach. This pro will walk alongside you (and give you a push or two when you need it) on a victory-filled journey to get where you want to be.

Six months later, you’ll come back together with your original workshop peers for a graduation ceremony to recognize and celebrate your success.

“Now that I have paid off my debt, I have to stick to this new way of living. I have other financial goals I am working towards.”

Leni H.

We’re Recruiting Boot Camp Coaches!

Only friendly, responsible accountability partners with a positive outlook need apply ????

How It Works – Clarifi will provide training and match you with a client with whom you’ll commit to supporting just one hour each month over six months. You’ll get updates on your client’s progress, and be a voice of encouragement when they need an extra push. As one of our past coaches said, “It’s as simple as sitting and talking to someone.”


Tales of Triumph

We began our Clarifi Boot Camps in 2014, and have graduated people who tell terrific tales of personal triumph. Some have overcome traumatic debt; some have learned how to save for that first home or start their rainy-day fund. One of our Clarifi Boot Camp classes just paid down a collective sum of $42,000 in debt!

For many, it’s all about their personal financial coach. One of our graduates, Gwen J., spent six months working with Nancy Rosenau. She’s a business professional who gave her time and expertise to be there for Gwen and nudge her when she needed it. With Nancy’s help, Gwen paid down hundreds in debt and put hundreds more into her savings.

“Nancy’s my cheerleader,” says Gwen. “She’s what a coach should be.”

You Won’t Go It Alone

With each Clarifi Boot Camp we see another group of people who help each other do the hard work and change their lives. If you’re ready to join in, check out our Workshops and Events, find the one that’s up next, and enlist in your future. You won’t go it alone!

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